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Business Removals In Surrey


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Understanding Business Needs

Moving home and moving a business are not the same. Good management and coordination should apply to both but for a business removal, military precision and control of logistics are essential.

Every hour your business is not operating fully can be expensive, frustrating for your customers and your staff. A good business removals company should ensure minimum downtime and a schedule which is kept to.

We start this process for you with a visit from a business specialist, at no charge. Their task is to listen and understand, to know your business needs and work with you to create a detailed, workable removal plan.

Sharing Information Matters

Whether your business is moving within Surrey, or across the globe, your staff and your removals company need to work together. Details matter and ensure we provide the support you need.

Every item, from a desk to a waste paper bin will be logged, packed and marked for accurate placement at your new location. Scientific equipment, servers and computers will be well managed, transported with care.

We understand you may need tradesmen present, new furniture, or fittings to suit new premises. Manns help make sure deliveries and installation are timed to fit with our delivery of existing items, part of a seamless move.